Sunday, May 22, 2011

Photo Blog Challenge: What's in YOUR Fridge?

What's in a Foodie's Fridge?

1. Eggs. Staple.

2. Fresh blackberries. My favorite, and they were on sale this week!

3. Leftover roulade of chicken breast with morel mushroom stuffing (hard to see in the glare of the fridge light, not much to look at anyway, but it's a knockout, flavor-wise)

4. 2 leftover egg yolks in an airtight container. I needed 2 egg whites recently, and couldn't bear to lose these. Suggestions?

5. Plain yogurt. Staple.

6. Half-used red onion. We always seem to have one of these going. I don't think there's much that either of us cooks that doesn't involve a lot of onion, which is one of many reasons I keep a toothbrush at work and brush after every lunch. My coworkers are no doubt grateful.

7. Sun-dried tomatoes. We are fancy.

8.Parmigiano-reggiano, the indisputed king of all cheeses.


10. Ever-present salad greens, this time it's arugula and baby spinach.

11. Mayo. Staple.

12. Forgotten container of crudités from last week's lunches. Whoops. Those may be past their prime.

13. Pitcher of filtered water, also ever-present. You do NOT want to drink the tap water of our fair city, it will make you grow a dorsal fin and sprout a third eyeball. True facts.

14. Neglected bottle of cola from my birthday party (three weeks ago!), which has languished because neither of us really drinks soda, but survived because I keep thinking that (even flat) I can use it as a marinade ingredient or something? Suggestions?

15. Various juices (apple, cran-raspberry).

16. Soy sauce. Staple.

17. Arizona Gunslinger, a local product and my #2 favorite hot sauce in the world. It's fiery, but less vinegary than Tabasco, and with delicious, almost smoky undertones. You can order it online. Let it rock your world.

18. Pickles, without which my husband could not survive (sort of like myself and coffee).

19. Backup bottle of soy sauce (I am serious about that 'Staple' thing).

20. Homemade strawberry-blackberry jam, made by my sweet friend and fellow blogger, the Splendidly Imperfect Miss M.! Her jam-making skills are legend. :)

21. Finally, my #1 favorite hot sauce for everything from dim sum to schnitzel......Sriracha! We're never without it.

All right, now quick, join me! Grab your camera. Open the fridge. Don't stop to arrange things prettily or wipe that sticky shelf clean, don't wait until you've stocked up on 'interesting' foodie-street-cred items like quail's eggs or reindeer testicles, don't move that shameful package of Kraft Singles an inch. Just snap a photo and show us what you've got. It's an interesting window into the daily lives of eaters, and inquiring minds really do want to know. Ready, set.......go!


  1. DONE.

    (legend where? haha!)

  2. Had fun doing it!!

    K Jaggers

  3. make a cola cake!!!