Monday, March 15, 2010

Lest you think it's all Martha Stewart around here........

Glamorous moment in the life of a Food Blogger: Mike and I purchased a brand-new, schmancy mandoline from Williams-Sonoma to replace our old basic model yesterday. It's twice the size of the old one, deadly sharp, and best of all adjustable. Ahhhh. Slicey bliss.

Unglamorous moment in the life of a Food Blogger: Uhhh, I just uncovered a be-Tupperwared slice of cake at the back of our fridge. From our wedding shower. On October 4th.

Such is life. ;)


  1. Laurel,

    Hi. I just nominated you for the Sunshine Award! I hope you will accept. :) My post will be up shortly!

  2. Thank you!! I am sorry that this took me so long to get around to, but I really appreciate it & you're so sweet! :)