Friday, January 22, 2010


[echo echo].


The first post! It's always oh so quiet. Well hello readers, whomever you may be, and welcome to the beginning of Orange & Salt. This is the space where I'll be posting recipes I've tried, kitchen successes and failures, travel photos and observations, and more than likely the occasional adorable photo of my dog. Can't be helped, he really is adorable. But beyond all that, the real purpose of this space is for me to start writing for an audience again, on the topics I love the most.

I'm a professional artist, a very unprofessional cook, some kind of writer, and an enthusiastic world traveler without funds most of the time. My husband and I have some pretty grand plans for international travel in the (hopefully) near future, but until we become world famous multimillionaire artists we're probably going to have to content ourselves with 'traveling' via our stomachs. Hence, welcome to Orange & Salt, where we're going to do just that! All right. On to the food posts..................

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